Fire protection and equipment for a dredger

The Dutch company Royal Boskalis is one of the largest dredging companies in the world. Commissioned by Boskalis, shipyard IHC Merwede has built dredger William of Orange; a ship of 137 meters long, 28 meters wide and with a loading capacity of 12,000 m³. A dredger is a ship that through big strong pumps and motors, can suck sand, clay, silt and even gravel from the sediment. Simplus has provided the entire ship with personal protective equipment and fire prevention.

Life raft

The Willem van Oranje is globally used in large water engineering projects. In most cases of a big fire on a ship, people can not get away quickly and help is not immediately on the spot. Due to the limited space and the panic in case of fire, the fire safety requirements for ships are different than an object on the land. Evacuation material should be on board to be able to flee the ship. The Willem van Oranje has been equipped by Simplus with life jackets, rescue buoys, fire hoses, life rafts, fire extinguishers and other supplies for the safety of the crew. Within 3 months Simplus provided all resources and installed them on the ship.

Thanks to Simplus the Willem van Oranje could quickly be provided with the necessary equipment and the specific security. Thanks to knowledge and broad experience, the specialists of Simplus know exactly which requirements the object to be protected must meet and how safety is ensured as well as possible.